Alexandra is one of those people who bloomed from the determination of a young girl who was already drawing dresses on a little notepad at the age of six only.



Freshly graduated from high school, she decides to enter the international fashion design and business school ESMOD France in order to learn the techniques of the profession she was already passionate about.



It won't take long before the different trend offices she worked for after her studies fast track her to her first position of head designer for a mass-market brand that is booming at the time.



She makes a name for herself in this market segment and soon has the opportunity to start working as a freelancer.

Many companies trusted her with a wide range of projects from Men's denim, her first specialization, to high fashion handbags, childrenswear, plus-size or premium and sustainable womenswear. 



In the beginning of the 2010s, she moves to Berlin in search of a new horizon and this is then that she will have the prospect of try her hand at the position of creative director for a young growing start-up called Front Row Society and then for the german online retail leader Zalando.

Her eclecticism will allow her to dwelve into many new aspects of the fashion world and give her leadership abilities the chance to thrive. 



Alexandra is now able to use and concentrate all the experience accumulated during over 15 years and is committed to create elegant, confortable, timeless, contemporary iconic clothes in a sustainable and high-quality way.